Coyote Nerd Demo

by moaded

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Recorded April 18, 2013 @ the derek zoolander center for children who can't read good and wanna learn to do other stuff good too. Recorded with rented UWM equipment.


released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Moaded Milwaukee, Wisconsin

we write audible trash & wear piss stained jorts

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Track Name: my firstborn was in hotdog heaven
crying in my bed alone// i miss you// why did i stray away// i think about this every night // laying around hating my life// why did i think it would never work out between us.
Track Name: migo, i could sure use that five thousand
This is what i asked for//anouther pathetic excuse//to push someone away// i can't win// i fight with my thoughts constantly// truth is noone will be good enough// i found my love and noone else compares to her// i can't be with anyone else.
Track Name: 1. (bloodkitten)
BRIAN: I can't stay here anylonger// I picture myself on a long drive// leaving this behind

ALPHONSE: conflicted existence: lies in flesh contours, derelict, exposed. i'm a wish never expressed, obviously never fulfilled.

CASEY: breathe when I breathe. orgasm to exhale. heartbeat through
an auburn sweater. dressed to regress.
Track Name: 2. (i cant see life in la vie en rose)
BRIAN: I'd like to think that i am doing a good job of being a decent human being// but// everything has abandoned me//my dreams don't exist// my future is gone// i don't know where i am heading// so what will happen to me// why can't i just achieve//happiness.

ALPHONSE: i can't help but defile few nights laugh into my body laugh with a knife. fuck your binary apostle + tangerine. venture forth to shores we've touched. (conception& consumption) but i miss/curse/cherish the minutes in your lap you searched my scalp for.
Track Name: 3. (fur chucks sake)
BRIAN: i tuck the hood of my hoodie behind my ears// i am tired of hiding my face// i am tired of being scared of someone finding out my true feelings//i hope that i can say certain things without anxiety taking over my brain// i just want to stop torturing myself for the things i fucked up on

ALPHONSE: post-rain corduroy bullshit bypasser: you know my hands i know yours more

TYLER: i can't sleep// petrichor's// in my sheets// more and more